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Update Azure Certificate

Please read until the end before you start. 

  1. Create new certificate

    1. Manually

    2. or by using the following command:
      az ad sp create-for-rbac -n "Costi" --create-cert
      (where “Costi” should be the name of the service principal that was created previously).

  2. Go to

  3. Login (If you are a reseller, then: Admin → switch user → choose user)

  4. Make sure that you are the one that registered to Cloudhiro since you are the only one who can update the new certificate. If you are not the one who registered to CloudHiro, then you will get an error when trying to update the certificate. For resellers - once you switch to the customer account, you can update the Azure certificate.

  5. System - Update Azure certificate

    1. Client id - this is the Application ID from Azure of the service principle

    2. Tenant id - Tenant id from Azure

    3. cert - from Azure

  6. Please be aware that if you (or the customer) has several tenants, you need to repeat this process for each and everyone of the tenants seperately

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