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Onboard GCP to CloudHiro cost optimization platform

Please read until the end before you start. 

Create a service account

  1. On your Google console - Apis & Services -> credentials -> Service account.

  2. service account name - cloudhiro-costi

  3. service account id - cloudhiro-costi

  4. Roles - Viewer (Basic role)

  5. Select KEYS, ADD KEY, and click on “Create new key”, the key will be downloaded and stored locally on your computer. Save it for later (A). The same key you Downloaded is the key you will need later at CloudHiro’s Registration page. The key Can also be updated later.

Create a billing export

  1. Go to the highest level of your organization to do the export.

  2. On your Google console enter BigQuery

  3. At the SQL workspace, click on the three dots next to your project ID and select “Create dataset”

  4. Enter dataset ID select type and region, Then create a dataset. The datasetID will be needed later in the configuration of CloudHiro and for the billing.

  5. On your Google console enter the billing. In the navigation menu click on export data and make sure you’re at BigQuery export. Enable data export for Pricing and Detailed cost with the project you’re in and the dataset you created.

  6. Back to BigQuery - at the navigation menu click on the three dots next to your created dataset and "share" ->Add principal-> enter the service account you have created before.  Add role - BigQuery Data Owner

Create a Google Cloud Storage (bucket)

  1. Cloud Storage -> buckets -> Create

  2. Enter the same region as the dataset created. 

  3. Edit access - > Add principal -> Add role “Storage Legacy Bucket Owner”

Register to CloudHiro

  1. Register here.
    Please note: If you are using a reseller, either use the reseller-provided link to register or add “?partner=[reseller-name]” to the end of the URL above. If you did not, our support can re-allocate your account to your reseller later on

  2. Go to GCP Customer Registration

  3. Enter all your details.

  4. Project ID - the project ID for the billing dataset. 

  5. ServiceAccountKey - The key you have creating in the service account and downloaded to your computer. You can create new one if you haven’t downloaded yet. 

  6. After registering to CloudHiro, confirm the email you got and login. 

  7. In CloudHiro navigate - system -> settings

  8. Almost at the bottom of the page - add the following fields:

    1. Dataset ID 
    2. Table ID (start with "gcp_billing_export_resource" and ends with the billing account id)
    3. Bucket name
  9. Press “Update” near the bucket name

That’s it!

We are done setting up. You can now ask your partner for a tour of CloudHiro and the CloudHiro visualizer.

Required permissions summary

The ability to list and get all resources and their properties.
BigQuery Data Owner
Query the dataset for billing data
Storage Legacy Bucket Owner
Create exports from the Bigquery dataset and read the billing data to CloudHiro.
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