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Connect your organization via SSO

Please read until the end before you start. 

Configure on Azure Entra

  1. App registration - > New registration.

    1. Name - cloudhiro-viz

    2. Select a platform - web

    3. Fill the following value to the right of the platform (redirect URL)[company_name]. 

      1. ​[company_name] - you can choose any name you would like - does not have to be the company-name. Company-name should be all lowercase and alphanumerics only (no hyphens dashes underscores and other symbols)

    4. Click Register

  2. Go to the new app you have just created

    1. Certifications & secrets

      1. New client secret

      2. Description - fill in a meaningful name

      3. Set expiration date - 24 months

      4. Click add

      5. Copy the value of secret, since Client secret values cannot be viewed, except for immediately after creation. Be sure to save the secret when created before leaving the page.

    2. App permissions - verify that you have Microsoft Graph - permissions granted for the application you have created.


Send the following details to Us:

  1. Tenant name

  2. Tenant id

  3. Application client id

  4. Platform \  redirect URL (the URL where the organization’s users will be redirected to - section 3 above)

  5. Secret id 

  6. Secret value

Azure Onboarding


AWS Onboarding


GCP Onboarding

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