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FinOps Auto-pilot

Save money without compromising performance
Cost visualization Dashboard
A SaaS FinOps platform focused on the fastest-growing cloud - Azure with extensive support in AWS and GCP.
A must-have for customers who need to scale their cloud while effectively balancing agility and cost.
The only solution providing advanced visualization, automation, and recommendations all in one place.

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How it works

RI Wizard

Our flagship feature, Reserved Instance (RI) automation, sets us apart from the rest. CloudHiro proudly delivers this game-changing capability for Azure and AWS, going up to 50% savings on VMs, without affecting performance or production load. Seamlessly optimize your cloud resources, maximize efficiency, and unlock incredible cost savings.

Waste Master

Say goodbye to costly inefficiencies and wasted resources. CloudHiro's Cloud Waste Detector offers more recommendations, automation, and alerts - covering more than 140 resource types. Our state-of-the-art algorithms detect and eliminate waste, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure operates at peak performance while minimizing unnecessary expenses.


Experience unmatched visibility into your cloud costs from Azure, AWS, GCP and K8S infrastructure using CloudHiro's cutting-edge and adaptable visualizer. Set your goals by creating your own dedicated business KPIs, so you can track, analyze, and optimize with ease, making informed decisions based on comprehensive insights. Our visualizer empowers you to take control of your cloud budget and achieve maximum financial efficiency.

How it works
Yoni Stephan, CIO & CISO, eToro

"CloudHiro saved us more than 50% of our Azure costs"

Maximize Savings

Reduce your cloud infrastructure expenses significantly with CloudHiro's intelligent cost optimization strategies. Our advanced analytics provide actionable recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Optimal Resource Usage

Optimize your cloud infrastructure, cut waste, and boost efficiency. CloudHiro analyzes resource allocation, identifies underutilized or overprovisioned resources, and suggest rightsizing options. Align resources to enhance efficiency, slash costs, and optimize cloud utilization.

Actionable Analytics

Gain valuable insights and take informed actions for cost optimization. Our platform continuously monitors your cloud usage patterns, applies advanced algorithms, and generates real-time recommendations. By leveraging automated insights, you can, stay ahead of cost overruns.

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