Put your cloud on AutoPilot

Managing your cloud is expensive.

Not managing your cloud is even more expensive!

Zero Config Monitoring

Zero config monitoring

Once connected to the cloud account, CloudHiro immediately provides insights. Monitoring and alerting on possible improvements in the current situation is automatic. An opt-out strategy is used to allow customers to tune their preferences. This combines rule-based logic with advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

Tag and Forget

Tag and forget

This is the operational part. CloudHiro offers a range of smart logical tags and a tagger tool that allows DevOps & FinOps teams to implement their strategies with almost zero effort. A good example is our SpotASG tag that allows customers to use spots when available & on-demand when not. This saves customers up to 90% on their compute power spend.

Smart Cross Region Workload Placement

Kubernetes (K8S) Cross-region WorkLoad (WL) management

More and more organizations make K8S their platform of choice. In parallel, they are trying to implement a multi-cloud strategy. This means the fight between global and local clouds is turning to WL placement and not account ownership. The difference in pricing between different regions and zones of public clouds and even more so, between global & local clouds makes WL placement a huge saver. CloudHiro will become the WL manager of choice, placing WLs in a price optimized way, taking into consideration the requirements of the workload, like security, geography, etc.

Billing & Verification

Billing & verification

Verify the bill that you get from your cloud provider. Create separate bills for your sub-accounts with one click of a button. Reallocate cost to organizational units. Understand where is everyone spending their money & let them see it in a simple dashboard.