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Cut your cloud costs
Meet us @ AWS re:Invent

Discover how our cutting-edge FinOps solutions can streamline your financial operations and drive growth. Don't miss this chance for a personalized consultation!

"CloudHiro saved us more
than 50% of our Azure costs"

Yoni Stephan, CIO & CISO, eToro

Our Product

RI Wizard

Our flagship feature, Reserved Instance (RI) automation, going up to 50% savings on VMs, without affecting performance or production load. 

Waste Master

Our Cloud Waste Detector offers recommendations, automation, and alerts - covering more than sixty resource types.


Gain visibility into your cloud costs and K8S infrastructure using our cutting-edge visualizer. Set goals by creating your own dedicated business KPIs.

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Meet us @ AWS re:Invent

Let us show you how we can cut your costs without affecting preformances.

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